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Do512 Day with Jonathan Terrell and Two Gallants

May 13, 2015

May 12th is Do512 day here in Austin, and they celebrated in a big way at Stay Gold with Jonathan Terrell headlining the evening.

2015-05-13 13.31.44

I stand in front of the stage, it’s my first time seeing JT perform since meeting him when he called upon our design team recently for some artwork. A guy approaches me to my right and says “He’s gunna rock your face off,” to which I replied, “I know” – and he did. Terrell’s eyes scan across a packed room of eager faces as he belts his moody poetry set to the hauntingly desolate twang of his folk-country guitar playing, occasionally allowing his harp to get a few waning moans in. He means it.

Next I stopped by Red 7 to catch the last half of Two Gallants‘ show.

2015-05-13 13.29.57

This folk-rock due from San Francisco played a dark, intimate set to a room of devotees hanging onto Adam Stevens’ every growl. The floor-lit stage is eclipsed by their feral movements and overwhelmingly passionate stage presence, and the audience is hooked. Stevens’ voice is reminiscent of Chris Cresswell‘s in my opinion, which automatically reserves this band a permanent place in my heart. This was my first time seeing Two Gallants; I’ve never heard a Saddle Creek band I didn’t like.