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Celebrate Ten Years of FUNFUNFUN!

May 14, 2015

I’ve got some great memories in the vault thanks to the folks at Transmission Events. Fun Fun Fun Fest is consistently the best festival every year, and I always have the time of my life – this year they celebrate 10 years of fun and fellowship, and will release the anniversary lineup on May 28th. Tickets will also be available at 10am CST that day.

Here’s a recap from FFF8:

and some of the most memorable acts that have graced the stages of the fest:25 Fun Fun Fun Fest 2014 as_bmx_fest15_2048 bet-experience-snoop-dogg-650-b flyinglotus-funfunfunfest-110914-andypareti-3_1058_705_95 King-Diamond---Chad-8 Run_DMC-Orange-3 sh-AgainstMe__2 Slayer_at_FFF_2013-17

There’s seriously too many amazing artists to list. People gather from all over the globe to see their favorite performers all in one lineup, and even scour the crowd to see what celebrities are making an appearance!

This festival sets itself apart from the others every year by offering 3 stages of stacked musical acts, a comedy stage that has been host to many notable standup comics and television stars, as well as influential performers like John Waters, Henry Rollins, Tenacious D, Jello Biafra and much more. You’ll also find skate and BMX ramps with scheduled rides by some of the biggest names in the extreme sports world, the best food truck selections in the city, and plenty of shopping options from local purveyors; and did I mention the NITES shows?

Fuck Disneyland, Fun Fun Fun is truly he happiest place on earth.

Follow the fest on social media for updates on the lineup, contests, and other general radness.


#FFFfest and #FFFX


Live Music Coverage

Do512 Day with Jonathan Terrell and Two Gallants

May 13, 2015

May 12th is Do512 day here in Austin, and they celebrated in a big way at Stay Gold with Jonathan Terrell headlining the evening.

2015-05-13 13.31.44

I stand in front of the stage, it’s my first time seeing JT perform since meeting him when he called upon our design team recently for some artwork. A guy approaches me to my right and says “He’s gunna rock your face off,” to which I replied, “I know” – and he did. Terrell’s eyes scan across a packed room of eager faces as he belts his moody poetry set to the hauntingly desolate twang of his folk-country guitar playing, occasionally allowing his harp to get a few waning moans in. He means it.

Next I stopped by Red 7 to catch the last half of Two Gallants‘ show.

2015-05-13 13.29.57

This folk-rock due from San Francisco played a dark, intimate set to a room of devotees hanging onto Adam Stevens’ every growl. The floor-lit stage is eclipsed by their feral movements and overwhelmingly passionate stage presence, and the audience is hooked. Stevens’ voice is reminiscent of Chris Cresswell‘s in my opinion, which automatically reserves this band a permanent place in my heart. This was my first time seeing Two Gallants; I’ve never heard a Saddle Creek band I didn’t like.


Live Music Coverage

Fuck Yeah, Levitation: Day 3

May 11, 2015

A perfectly over-casted day; our Sunday LEVITATION events kicked off with Mac Demarco. We’ve been waiting to catch this Canadian slacker-rock act for some time, and with his confident stage presence and comedic antics – we were far from disappointed.

2015-05-11 11.46.08

2015-05-11 11.59.32


Side note: we think Mac Demarco and Elijah Wood share some aesthetic similarities.


Next we stopped by to watch Philly playboys, N O T H I N G, as they held down the LEVITATION tent during The Black Angels‘ set. Despite frontman Domenic Palermo’s (attempted) murderous reputation, the show was very positive and filled with relentless energy. We are fans.


Chelsea Wolfe made an appearance at the fest as well; putting us at a comfortable daze with her drone-metal wiles and hazy vocals. I’m excited to find out when she’ll be playing Austin next so I can take in the full experience.

2015-05-11 11.57.39

The most breath-taking performance of the weekend were the highly anticipated psych rock giants,  The Flaming Lips. Sadly enough, it appeared many of the out-of-towners who partook in psychedelics the entire weekend were quite wiped by the time this band took the stage, which is a shame because I can’t think of any other band on the planet that could be enjoyed more under the influence.

The Lips gave the crowd everything they expected – giant mushrooms, rainbows, a hug-happy sun, a metric ton of confetti and glitter, and of course Wayne Coyne set sail in his floating space ball above the crowd. There was no shortage of good vibes.


I was particularly excited to see the proto-metal trio, Fuzz, featuring Ty Segall on drums. Ty is one of the busiest singer-songwriters I’ve seen; with 8 solo albums under his belt, and a slew of bands he plays with including his namesake act. I’m always impressed with any three-piece that can shake an audience and dominated a stage more-so than a full 4-5 piece band, and these guys certainly did. In a perfect world, I could see Fuzz play with Metz every weekend.

We hope you survived.